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Swarna Bharat Parivaar (TRUST) presents Veer Sapoot Samman & Anndata Samman - 2019.

Swarna Bharat Parivaar (TRUST) is a service oriented voluntary Trust started in 2010with the objective of helping destitute old people, children, handicapped, women and doing something good for the families of Martyr's and the farmers and other real heroes who have actually done something for the service of nation without any tag or post.

"Service to mankind is service to god". At times we all resolve to put in practice, but the modren day busy schedules silently erase our human faces. But there is way for you to resolve by working with Swarna Bharat Parivaar Trust which is in the forefront of serving the poor people with special emphasis to aged,martyrs, handicapped,farmers and rural women folk. Further to this we are also determined to see developed India and for this we are also determined to see developed India and for this we are fighting for the social security's and other core issues like right to equality, poverty and unemployment and other gruesome evils which are degrading the nation's pride and want to see India again becoming "SONE KI CHIRIYA".

Every person has a right to live a better life and to inititate that we are presenting Veer Sapoot Samman and Anndata Samman, so that their families can get the recognition & honor and the all those things which they deserve.

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